Finding Books for Reluctant Teen Readers

I’m back!  I stepped away from blogging for almost three weeks as life got. . . . Complicated. . .  For all of us. The good news is, I was still creating teaching and book related content during this time, it just couldn’t be shared here yet. . . . Yowzers, I am LOVING the ellipses today. Anyhoo, one resource that I recently created was a YouTube video that shared some of my tested and true (or favourite) books suggestions for teen readers. I know that getting our hands on books these days is. . . . Complicated. But I also know that the Winnipeg Public Library (and many other city and municipal public libraries) use fabulous digital platforms to delivery all sort of e-reading materials, including graphic novels. Also, please consider supporting your local bookshop.  Our local, McNally Robinson, (at the time this post is being published) is offering call in ordering and payment with curb side pick up. I suspect I’ll be rolling down there for an order before the week is done.

As a quick note, my original audience for this video was the Educational Assistants in my school division. However, the content totally works for anyone that is trying to match teens or their own adult self with their next great read. Because Young Adult fiction is for everyone, not just Young Adults. But y’all knew that, right? 😉

So, without further ado, here’s 30+ titles for Reluctant teen readers (or any readers, TBH):


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