Learning From Home- A List of Creators Streaming and Posting Daily

Hello Everyone!

Consider this your daily reminder to take a deep breath. . . Go ahead. . . I’ll wait. . . Now say after me. . . I’ve got this.  Say it again but louder.  I’VE. GOT. THIS!  Perfect.  Now let’s get down to business.

On my Instagram @msmclauchlan, I’ve been using my stories to share out the details of some my favourite creators that are offering live and/or daily content around reading, writing and creating.  I know that has been a little bit like drinking out of a firehose, so I’ve  decided to start a live Google Doc to keep things up to date.  Keep free to share the link, print, etc with your school community. On Instagram, I’ll be sharing posts with more details that you can re-use to post on your classroom or school accounts.


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