Book Speed Dating

This year I did a PD session titled “Book Speed Dating” in hopes of sharing some of my favourite books with my fellow book loving colleagues.  I set up six tables, all featuring thematically similar texts (picture books, Indigenous authors, YA fiction, photography books, graphic novels) and gave each participant in the session a “Dating” sheet for them to keep track of the “book chemistry” experienced with each text. One of the six stations was a “blind date” table in which all the books were wrapped in brown paper, with personality descriptions written on them.   Each table station also had some sample activities that could be done with the texts or to support the Lit Circle format.  In a fast paced, one hour session participants were able to “speed date” over 30 books! See pics below for more deets on the books featured in each session.   A link to the resources shared during the session can be found here —>

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