“Ping”ing Kindness in Kindergarten

In my last post, I wrote about an exploration of Citizenship and kindness through the book “Ping” by Ani Castillo (see that post here) As part two of that exploration we encouraged the Kinders that I was working with to consider a way that they could ping kindness in their day to day lives. As inspiration we turned our attention back to the Ping Pong balls that we collected and counted in our last session, and turned them over to re-read the examples of kindness written on the back.  After a brainstorming session on the carpet, each student received a card stock paper Ping.  They created a face for the Ping on the front, and on the back the wrote the phrase “be kind” and drew of picture of themselves pinging kindness.  Once everyone had completed their Ping, we encouraged the students to share with their table mates.  In a happy coincidence, we started exploring the topic of kindness in the same week as a school wide kindness campaign, so the finished Pings were displayed in the front hallway of the school- yay for authentic audiences!


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